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Heather Smith and Sopie
The partners and staff involved with Little Bears Forest Preschool are excited to operate a Forest School setting with a focus on healthy living and learning in the outside environment.  Our constant and standard aim is to operate an outstanding setting.

The primary focus of the preschool is the happiness, well being and development of the children and staff, whilst the location of the preschool and its surroundings in a superb outdoor environment underpin the provision.  We aim to build confident, independent and creative learners who are ready for school when they leave our care.

Forest School is a hands-on way of learning in a natural outdoors environment, allowing a learner based approach.  Children can guide their own learning and development and are able to develop strong relationships with themselves and others and also with the natural world.  

I am an accredited Forest School leader and was awarded the title of "Passionate Enthuser" during training. I look forward to welcoming all Little Bears to share that enthusiasm as we help them on their journey of discovery.  

We enable our Little Bears to be active and independent learners through a thoughtful and inspiring programme of learning in an exciting environment both indoors and outdoors.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful setting and we work hard to continuously enhance our surroundings for our Little Bears.

Heather Smith, FdA Early Childhood Studies

Little Bears Forest Preschool

Whilst we are surrounded by a fantastic outdoors space, we are lucky to have a lovely light and airy environment which is also cosy, homely and welcoming.  This enables our Little Bears to feel safe and secure whilst they are with us.  
We have created an environment that brings the outside in allowing children to make connections with nature on a day to day basis.  The children have free-flow access to the Art Room and Role Play Room whilst we also use the hall for large group and physical activities.
Keyworker groups are split into Polar Bears, Panda Bears, Spectacled Bears and Brown Bears.
Little Bears - open day biscuits!
Little Bears, Southsea, Portsmouth - main room
Little Bears...
Little Bears
My History and our team

I have a proven track record of delivering quality care and service.  I am a passionate and driven Early Years practitioner with an exciting vision for a varied, engaging and fun programme to deliver the Early Years curriculum.


I have a particular interest in Special Educational Needs and have been fortunate to attend a broad spectrum of specialist training in this area.  I graduated with honours in Early Childhood Care and Education from Portsmouth University in 2010.

My daughters Hannah and Megan work alongside me with Jana, Erin, Faye, Katy, Andrea, Charlotte and Jade completing a fantastic team.  Hannah graduated from Portsmouth University with honours in Early Childhood Studies. Megan graduated from Portsmouth University with a first class degree in Speech Language and Human Communication Science.  Jana, Faye, Andrea and Erin are NVQ Level 3 qualified.  Katy is currently undertaking her Level 3 qualifications and Jade is underway with Level 2.  The team has vast amounts of experience, knowledge and endless enthusiasm and I am proud to work alongside all of them as part of our family.

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